The group lives life casually for the next 3 days, completing errands, shopping, etc. Casuffit spends about 2 days training with Talix, teaching him various ways of the sword. Highgorn takes this time  to discover more information about his father's friend, Feno Neris. Dac Nam spent most of his time with Highgorn, but took time do some research on his pursuers. Inghen spent his time searching for a lead on some interesting treasure or ruins, during which the pursuit of he learned of rumors of a Andiun being built on top of a ancient city that promises of an enigmatic reward for those intrepid enough to brave the dark depths. He spent the rest of the time researching & scouting the ruins for more intel, to guide his companions safely. He proposed to the group on a short term expedition for riches & treasures to fund deeper excavations. Before setting out the group picked up equipment to take on both the adventure and the undead creatures Inghen suspected may be lurking below. They found the ruins and through Jayk's studies he determined that these are most likely from about 1500 to 2000 years ago during the age of man, when men were the dominate race & the others were a shadow of their current glory. While exploring the ruins of an ancient building, which seemed like an old museum, the heroes were attacked by a group a drow who appeared to have set up a temporary camp in the ruins. After defeating the drow the group discovered a cache of +1 weapons in a display as well as salvaging 100 gold. Casuffit stole the cloths and  equipment from a drow and suggested they keep one alive to extract information from & turn over to tye administrator.


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