A New Challenger Approaches

After their previous conversations our Heroes decided that it their main goal should be to gather information about the Bleeding Lamb. Utilizing his contacts Inghen and Cassuffitt were able to determine, not only the location of the Bleeding Lamb, but the password for entrance which happens to be Fishsword. With this new information Casuffit determined that it was prudent to by some supplies that would help create a disguise for Dac Nam as he would stand out like a sore thumb.

Cassufit successfully pulled off the disguise (26 roll) as Jayke rested up to recharge his arcane energies. This happened while Casuffitt and Inghen drank themselves into a stupor and headed to bead for the evening.

Upon waking up the group collectively decided that it would be better to make for the Bleeding Lamb at night. With this in mind they decided that they had some time to do some quick side work to clear out some Dire Wolves that have been harassing some of the nearby herds. In the countryside outside of Anduin the group found 6 wolves that were almost more than a match for them. During the ensuing battle Jayke, Dac, and Inghen had all been severely wounded. In the aftermath they all thought it prudent to visit a cleric for healing before continuing on to the Bleeding Lamb.

The group then headed the the seedier section of town and found the store that served as the front for the Bleeding Lamb named, Beroth's Emporium. In the store the group noticed that there was indeed a secret trap door well hidden behind the shop keeper's counter and that this was indeed the place they were looking for. Casuffitt provided the password to Beroth, the storekeeper, and they group proceeded down the ladder. In the Bleeding Lamb Dac noticed a familiar site, a Lieutenant of Mr. Bao…


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