A Brush with the Past

After their subterranean encounter with the drow, our heroes made their way back to the surface accompanied by a drow they managed to take alive. While brining the drow back Casuffit probed the captive's mind for information to find out why they were so close to an elven city. After a few attempts she gleaned visions of a punishment from some female drow who commanded the drow party to make their way to the surface. Most of what she heard was unclear as she is unable to understand under common. They then brought the drow back to the administrator of the elven city with the city folk giving them curious glances. The administrator thanked them for their efforts and promised to look into the potential drow threat and provided them with free room for the week.

After turning in the drow, Dac, Casuffit and Jayke headed back to the Bleeding Giant, but on their way there they were ambushed by a group of mercenaries. Their leader, known as Daniel, requested that Dac come with them to meet up with one Lo Bao (Son of General Bao). Dac refused to be taken quietly and they engaged in combat. Dac knocking two of the men unconscious and scaring away the rest while Jayke and Casuffit kept the melee combatants busy. They tied up the two unconscious men and took them to a room at the Bleeding Giant.

Casuffit started to interrogate one of the mercenaries after they regained consciousness. Employeeing her powers of seduction & persuasion, magical or otherwise,  Casuffit was able to compel the captured mercenary to reveal that the person who hired him was a mercenary elf  named Daniel and he apparently got the contract from Lo Bao. He was promised, from Daniel, 500g alive 250g dead for Dac. He indicated that he received they job request to meet in the alley by the Bleeding Giant through his bug out bag stash location in the seedier area of town. After being in the town for some time Jayke figured that this Daniel might be found at an underground rogueish bar of ill reput known as the Bleeding Lamb. He heard it mentioned around town and it is the only lead they now had to go on. Alfter getting this information Casuffit was unable to resist her demonic urges and pressed her lips to the captive's, sucking at the essence of his soul with an unnatural hunger. Once she had sated her hunger and the euphoria had passed she realized what she had done and fled in haste.

Dac and Jayke pursued, Casuffit was able to give Jayke the slip however, because of his experience as a hunter, Dac was able to easily cut her off and corner her. After questioning her about what she did to their captive, hesitantly, Casuffit revealed her true form.  After a brief conversation, where she confided to Dac about her demonic heritage revealing her struggle to stay in control and lust for power,  she asks him to keep her secret, to which he agreed. They met back up with Jayke and return to the Bleeding Giant to check back up on their prisoners where they decided to let them go (alive) and dropped their unconscious bodies off in a room Casuffit had rented in a different inn.


andross_games Maleera

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