City Visit

As the heroes finish the goblins off they hear a rumbling through the woods, trees crashing and cursing permeating the air. Hugo has arrived just in time to help carry the supplies, the heroes have found, back to camp. During their exploration of the goblin infested farm, the heroes found plenty of supplies for their camp as well as some treasures worth a significant sum of gold. They returned to the camp as the rebels finished packing up and started heading towards their next staging area to rest. During this time Cassufit got to know the Wizard Diana a bit better who was able to determine what she was. After making it to the city Cassufit helped Francis convince the Elf Steward that a cohort for Kalador was encroaching on their lands. He seemed somewhat skeptical but is sending a scouting party to confirm the tale. During this time Highgorn stopped by the local bounty hunter/monster hunter bar to look for information on Feno Nerris, the Elf who he was looking for, as well as a lead on some jobs for monster hunting. He learned that the elf is most likely in another elven city further North. The Heroes, now equipped for their journey, prepare to embark on their next adventure.


andross_games Maleera

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