The Reunion

With the succubus defeated and her booty secured (lol) the group decided to head to the market in Andiun to improve their equipment. While purchasing his equipment Dac was found be Highgorn who greeted him heartily and ask to catch up more later at the Bleeding Giant. Dac then finds Cassufit and Sko to ask them to join them at the Bleeding Giant for some much needed rest and catching up. Once everyone catches up Highgorn begins to tell everyone what he's been up to since he's been gone.

Highgorn tells that party that he had been found by Feno Nerris and was taken to start training. While the party was out on their escapades Highgorn spent much time learning and training with Feno as his companions to combat some as of yet known threat dealing with the letter that his father had given him. He asked that everyone come and meet Feno at the Silk Purse, a much more upscale Inn and the wealthier side of the city.

At the silk purse Feno warns the group a dangerous evil that is looming on the horizon, a demon that he and Highgorn's father once seeled away on this plane some time back. This demon is said to a be demon lord along the same power lines as that of a Balor Lord and is not to be trifled with. It was seeled away as "killing the demon" would only force it back to the Abbysal plane where it would once again find passage to the material plane where they resided.

Feno has a plan though with the help of his wizard friend, Vierna. They are going to find the demon in his weekend form on this plane before he can be released and regain his power and then banish him back to the Abyssal plane. Once the demon is banished the group will teleport to it's location in the Abyssal plane and with the help of multiple Wizards they are going to perform a magic ritual to create a protective pocket in the Abyssal plane. This will keep them from getting lost, and keeping the demon from escaping allowing it to once and for all be killed in the Abyssal plane.

It is a daring and daunting task one that will require the help of many magic users, which prompts the party to look for the rebellion that took up camp outside the city. As the approached their camp site they noticed that the rebels where on the move, but with the Help of Dac and Highgorn they were able to follow the trail to the border of Kalador where two armies where in the process of facing off. While everyone was busy running back and forth and preparing for the coming battle, Cassufit payed a "visit" to an old friend Diana and convinced her to come aid them in the fight. While in the camp they also talked to Francis who promised their groups aid in the coming battle if they would help them in the battle to come…

Subteranian Fun!

Inghen came to the crew with a mission he thinks would be a great experience for him. They are to retrieve a family crest from a forgotten moseleum hidden in the catacombs underneath the city of Anduin. The group ventured throw the catacombs to eventually reach the catacombs where the crest was hidden away at.

In the catacombs the crew face a horde of skeletons, aberations, and zambies. Through out the fighting Inghen was majorly injured. As they proceeded further into the ruins they came to a room with many beds and tables. On which they found an assortment of accrued weapons maps, and atlas books. While on the beds laid a mixture of bodies looking like empty sunken husks and some people still alive who didn't look too much better. Inghen escorted these people to the surface to get them and himself some help.

After proceeding to the end of the mausoleum they found a succubus which they engaged immediately. After a tense starting altercation where the group was able to keep her from summoning help from the abyss, Sko was able to grapple and pin her, after himself getting a large amount of his life essence being sapped from him through the Succubus' necrotic power. Once pinned Dac Nam performed the Coup de Grace that sent her back to the Abyss. The group then proceeded to return to the surface filled to the brim with swag.


Sko helps Jayke move with the group after being badly wounded by Seong Zhue in the groups altercation. Dac suggests that she be questioned and that they take her to the catacombs where they have battled with some drow earlier on, while Sko states that they should take her to the guards which is vetoed by the rest of the group.

Once they arrive at the cattacombs they tied her to a scounce on the wall sitting in a chair in order to kick it out from under her if she is not compliant. Before the interogation Cassufit changes herself into an asian with a magical change in garb to disguise herself before waking up Seong with smelling salts.

While awake Cassuffit kept on channeling her abilities as a Succubus to endear Seong to her. Posing as an agent of another secret organization from the same continent that Dac is from she was trying to falsely extract information from her about Dac saying that he has been hunting down and defeating their members. Later stating that their organization killed Dac's previous general to sew the seeds of doubt that Dac was the assassin Seong and her general where looking for. Before they let her go Cassuffit was unable to resist the urge to suck out a small part of Seong's essence having her so enthralled to her supernatural charms.

The Boss (Wo)Man Cometh

After where we last left off, Cassuffit decided to chat with Mr. Bao's lieutenant, learning her name to be Seong Zhue. Posing as a mercenary or bounty hunter looking to cash in on a lucrative opportunity Cassuffit tried to lay on the charm using charm monster to goad more information from Seong, but was unable to affect her using succubus powers. She asked a lot of questions about the bounty and the target and was provided information on those traveling with Dac as well as learning that the bounty was for 10000 Gold Pieces alive and 5000 dead. 

She tried prying for more information from Seong asking whether or not she thought Dac was actually guilty and what would make an 8 year veteran of the original General Bao suddenly want to assassinate him. Seong started getting fairly suspicious of the questions being asked and Cassuffit decided to depart the conversation later on after attempting to sew some seeds of doubt in Seong's conviction that Dac Nam must be brought to justice.

Shortly after their conversation Seong noticed Jayke in the Bleeding Lamb and followed him outside of the bar. Jayke tried to get away but was unable to outmatch her superior speed she caught up to him and was attempting to force him to provide information on Dac Nam's whereabouts.

Noticing the confrontation, Sko decided to intervene. After being told that the confrontation was none of his business he tried to force her to unhand Jayke. She proceeded to knock him unconscious and engaged in combat with Sko. She shortly afterwards Dac Name and Cassuffit entered the extended engagement in which they were finally able to knock Seong out. Cassuffit and Sko picked up Seong and Jayke respectively, after putting Seong in some bonds, in order to get some answers for Dac.

A New Challenger Approaches

After their previous conversations our Heroes decided that it their main goal should be to gather information about the Bleeding Lamb. Utilizing his contacts Inghen and Cassuffitt were able to determine, not only the location of the Bleeding Lamb, but the password for entrance which happens to be Fishsword. With this new information Casuffit determined that it was prudent to by some supplies that would help create a disguise for Dac Nam as he would stand out like a sore thumb.

Cassufit successfully pulled off the disguise (26 roll) as Jayke rested up to recharge his arcane energies. This happened while Casuffitt and Inghen drank themselves into a stupor and headed to bead for the evening.

Upon waking up the group collectively decided that it would be better to make for the Bleeding Lamb at night. With this in mind they decided that they had some time to do some quick side work to clear out some Dire Wolves that have been harassing some of the nearby herds. In the countryside outside of Anduin the group found 6 wolves that were almost more than a match for them. During the ensuing battle Jayke, Dac, and Inghen had all been severely wounded. In the aftermath they all thought it prudent to visit a cleric for healing before continuing on to the Bleeding Lamb.

The group then headed the the seedier section of town and found the store that served as the front for the Bleeding Lamb named, Beroth's Emporium. In the store the group noticed that there was indeed a secret trap door well hidden behind the shop keeper's counter and that this was indeed the place they were looking for. Casuffitt provided the password to Beroth, the storekeeper, and they group proceeded down the ladder. In the Bleeding Lamb Dac noticed a familiar site, a Lieutenant of Mr. Bao…

A Brush with the Past

After their subterranean encounter with the drow, our heroes made their way back to the surface accompanied by a drow they managed to take alive. While brining the drow back Casuffit probed the captive's mind for information to find out why they were so close to an elven city. After a few attempts she gleaned visions of a punishment from some female drow who commanded the drow party to make their way to the surface. Most of what she heard was unclear as she is unable to understand under common. They then brought the drow back to the administrator of the elven city with the city folk giving them curious glances. The administrator thanked them for their efforts and promised to look into the potential drow threat and provided them with free room for the week.

After turning in the drow, Dac, Casuffit and Jayke headed back to the Bleeding Giant, but on their way there they were ambushed by a group of mercenaries. Their leader, known as Daniel, requested that Dac come with them to meet up with one Lo Bao (Son of General Bao). Dac refused to be taken quietly and they engaged in combat. Dac knocking two of the men unconscious and scaring away the rest while Jayke and Casuffit kept the melee combatants busy. They tied up the two unconscious men and took them to a room at the Bleeding Giant.

Casuffit started to interrogate one of the mercenaries after they regained consciousness. Employeeing her powers of seduction & persuasion, magical or otherwise,  Casuffit was able to compel the captured mercenary to reveal that the person who hired him was a mercenary elf  named Daniel and he apparently got the contract from Lo Bao. He was promised, from Daniel, 500g alive 250g dead for Dac. He indicated that he received they job request to meet in the alley by the Bleeding Giant through his bug out bag stash location in the seedier area of town. After being in the town for some time Jayke figured that this Daniel might be found at an underground rogueish bar of ill reput known as the Bleeding Lamb. He heard it mentioned around town and it is the only lead they now had to go on. Alfter getting this information Casuffit was unable to resist her demonic urges and pressed her lips to the captive's, sucking at the essence of his soul with an unnatural hunger. Once she had sated her hunger and the euphoria had passed she realized what she had done and fled in haste.

Dac and Jayke pursued, Casuffit was able to give Jayke the slip however, because of his experience as a hunter, Dac was able to easily cut her off and corner her. After questioning her about what she did to their captive, hesitantly, Casuffit revealed her true form.  After a brief conversation, where she confided to Dac about her demonic heritage revealing her struggle to stay in control and lust for power,  she asks him to keep her secret, to which he agreed. They met back up with Jayke and return to the Bleeding Giant to check back up on their prisoners where they decided to let them go (alive) and dropped their unconscious bodies off in a room Casuffit had rented in a different inn.


The group lives life casually for the next 3 days, completing errands, shopping, etc. Casuffit spends about 2 days training with Talix, teaching him various ways of the sword. Highgorn takes this time  to discover more information about his father's friend, Feno Neris. Dac Nam spent most of his time with Highgorn, but took time do some research on his pursuers. Inghen spent his time searching for a lead on some interesting treasure or ruins, during which the pursuit of he learned of rumors of a Andiun being built on top of a ancient city that promises of an enigmatic reward for those intrepid enough to brave the dark depths. He spent the rest of the time researching & scouting the ruins for more intel, to guide his companions safely. He proposed to the group on a short term expedition for riches & treasures to fund deeper excavations. Before setting out the group picked up equipment to take on both the adventure and the undead creatures Inghen suspected may be lurking below. They found the ruins and through Jayk's studies he determined that these are most likely from about 1500 to 2000 years ago during the age of man, when men were the dominate race & the others were a shadow of their current glory. While exploring the ruins of an ancient building, which seemed like an old museum, the heroes were attacked by a group a drow who appeared to have set up a temporary camp in the ruins. After defeating the drow the group discovered a cache of +1 weapons in a display as well as salvaging 100 gold. Casuffit stole the cloths and  equipment from a drow and suggested they keep one alive to extract information from & turn over to tye administrator.

More people of interest

After the defeat of the 3 trolls our heroes, some of which were battered and beaten, returned to the town Doanthan administrator, Katar. Cassufit produced the heads of the 3 trolls freaking out the administrator's assistant, but satisfying the administrator's request to provide evidence of their enemy's demise. Cassufit takes this time to talk up her friends to that administrator building up a pedistle for Highgorn, while attempting some subtle jabs at Dac Nam. Once they received their reward the group moved on back to Anduin after Cassufit put some fealers at in Donatha for the Order of the Crimson Challice. Once again in Anduin Cassufit goes about trying to find information on the Order and while doing so stumbles across a curios figure in the Bleeding Giant. After an awkward introduction she learns his name is Talix, a knight currently looking for some adventure. They took the Dire Wolf posting from the board and Cassufit decided to show this new acquaintance around the city. While walking through one of the parks they ran into a strange magic user named, Jake, who started talking to them. During their conversation they noticed that someone was eavesdropping or at least acting suspiciously curious of Casuffit. Jake decided that it was a sound idea to grease this individual which after doing so Casuffit approached them to see if they were okay. She learned his name was Murdock and after a quick handshake he left her with a secret note which the others did not notice.

The Troll Encounter at Donatha

During the group's stay in Anduin some of our Heroes decided to do a little bit of information gathering.  Casuffit spent a large portion of her free time in the city attenpting to dig up information on the whereabouts of someone whom she could learn blood magic from. During that time she heard rumors of an organization known as "The Order of the Crimson Chalice," almost masonic in nature, not many people know them or have much knowledge of their agenda. Most knowledge on the order is based off of rumors and conspiracy theories. Dac Nam, paranoid about his past, asked around the city for any information that might reveal his fellow country men  may be searching for him in order to bring him to "justice." In his search for information he learned of some rumors of an individual who, like himself, bares the resemblance of one from a foreign land. Once they regrouped at the Bleeding Giant Tavern they found Highgorn inspecting the bounty board for opportunities. He took the gold card on a bounty for a group of Moss Trolls that have been harassing a, small nearby, village known as Donatha. While inspecting the bounties a male elf by the name of Ingem expressed interested in joining him on his adventures. Dac and Highgorn welcomed his company for the bounty and as it was getting late in the day they decided to rest in the camp that the Francis had set up outside the city, but not before Casuffit succumbed to her demonic urges and seduced Diana and spent the night in her company. As the group woke up in the morning Casuffit spent her time helping prepare a breakfast meal for the camp, but not before being scolded by Dac about her hygiene habits. Dac had a bad impression of her since their first encounter with her was her being drenched in blood from the fight with her captors. The group then went to purchase equipment and horses for the journey to Donatha then were on their way down the road. Upon a night time arrival to the small town everything seemed completely normal and they could not find any signs of trolls. They decided to seek some information at the local traveler's inn known as the Sleepy Badger where they spoke with a scarred man named Elias who had escaped a Troll attack along with his son. Casuffit, in an endeavour to win the hearts and minds of the villagers so they might remember them decided that she should not only by the man 2 drinks for his hardships but buy a round for the whole bar as well while Highgorn was spread the word that he and his group came to take care of the trolls. While this celebration occured, for the would be heroes, Dac and Inghem left to speak with the town administrator one Katar Joran. They negotiated a 10,000g bounty for their group o in order to rid the village of the troll menace that had already claimed 17 lives and had caused some sever injuries to 5 others. The group stayed at the Sleepy Badger for the night, at no charge thanks to Casuffit's earlier endeavour, waiting for morning before seeking out the trolls. Most of the group was able to move silently in order to take the trolls by surprise and after a fairly short confrontation has incapacitated all of the trolls. Fortunately Casuffit had brought some alchemist's fire and a bear trap & Dac had some torches to burn the trolls and keep them from regenerating and coming back to life, but not before Casuffit and Inghem were severely injured.

City Visit

As the heroes finish the goblins off they hear a rumbling through the woods, trees crashing and cursing permeating the air. Hugo has arrived just in time to help carry the supplies, the heroes have found, back to camp. During their exploration of the goblin infested farm, the heroes found plenty of supplies for their camp as well as some treasures worth a significant sum of gold. They returned to the camp as the rebels finished packing up and started heading towards their next staging area to rest. During this time Cassufit got to know the Wizard Diana a bit better who was able to determine what she was. After making it to the city Cassufit helped Francis convince the Elf Steward that a cohort for Kalador was encroaching on their lands. He seemed somewhat skeptical but is sending a scouting party to confirm the tale. During this time Highgorn stopped by the local bounty hunter/monster hunter bar to look for information on Feno Nerris, the Elf who he was looking for, as well as a lead on some jobs for monster hunting. He learned that the elf is most likely in another elven city further North. The Heroes, now equipped for their journey, prepare to embark on their next adventure.


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