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Welcome to the Andross Campaign Experience! I'm your host…. Andross. Watch and be amazed as your exploratory sex organs are titillated and taunted as we delve deep into a land of borders and conflict in this new hit family sitcom on NBC "Slavery? How Very Sla!" ~Maleera


This blew more than just my mind! I loved it! 6/10 ~IGN

Very Sla? They should fire the writers on this show! 10/10 ~Otaku

What? I never gave you score. Get that microphone out of my face! 5/10 ~Totalbiscuit.

"Slavery? How Very Sla!" is fascinating and titillating, if ultimately unsatisfying. 7/10 ~Polygon



Slaver Escape!
June 1st 23726 CY

While on their way to the Elvin city of Anduin from  the human city of Prymoor, our HEROES find themselves in dire straights after awakening to find that they have been upducted by slavers and are being transported in a sturdy wooden cage while they're captors boast loudly about the profit to be made from such a unique haul. During this time Casuffit(Jordan's Character) tried to calm down the 3 other people, 2 middle age human males and a teenage human girl, awake in the cage scared out of their mind after finding themselves in their current predicament, but she only happens to make things worse as the humans are frightened by her appearance. Shortly after waking up Aesen (Toemar's Character) comes to while Casuffit is trying to calm the others and notices some commotion in the Woods surrounding area. Before the party knows it, arrows begin raining down upon the slavers as their captors come under attack. They take this opportunity to attempt to escape their cage, however Jordan sucks at rolling, when Aesen notices a young half elven woman furiously attempting to unlock their cage as the melee around them ensues. Casuffit takes this time to rally the others in the cage to take action against their captors, and once the escape the cage, with the help of the young half-elf, they grab weapons from their downed captors and the caged group engages the remaining captors. With their new unknown ally. Casuffit tries talking to the group to figure out what is going on but most of them seem unnerved by her presence or looking for some aid in recovering from their wounds. She manages to catch the attention of their leader a man named Francis who explains their situation and his intentions. The party is escorted back to their camp where they are given the option to join or help with their little insurgency or given the offer for assistance to return to, Anduin, their original destination. Aesen seemed willing to help these newfound friends, however, Casuffit was hesitant, waiting to learn more about this group asking for her loyalty


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