The Troll Encounter at Donatha

During the group's stay in Anduin some of our Heroes decided to do a little bit of information gathering.  Casuffit spent a large portion of her free time in the city attenpting to dig up information on the whereabouts of someone whom she could learn blood magic from. During that time she heard rumors of an organization known as "The Order of the Crimson Chalice," almost masonic in nature, not many people know them or have much knowledge of their agenda. Most knowledge on the order is based off of rumors and conspiracy theories. Dac Nam, paranoid about his past, asked around the city for any information that might reveal his fellow country men  may be searching for him in order to bring him to "justice." In his search for information he learned of some rumors of an individual who, like himself, bares the resemblance of one from a foreign land. Once they regrouped at the Bleeding Giant Tavern they found Highgorn inspecting the bounty board for opportunities. He took the gold card on a bounty for a group of Moss Trolls that have been harassing a, small nearby, village known as Donatha. While inspecting the bounties a male elf by the name of Ingem expressed interested in joining him on his adventures. Dac and Highgorn welcomed his company for the bounty and as it was getting late in the day they decided to rest in the camp that the Francis had set up outside the city, but not before Casuffit succumbed to her demonic urges and seduced Diana and spent the night in her company. As the group woke up in the morning Casuffit spent her time helping prepare a breakfast meal for the camp, but not before being scolded by Dac about her hygiene habits. Dac had a bad impression of her since their first encounter with her was her being drenched in blood from the fight with her captors. The group then went to purchase equipment and horses for the journey to Donatha then were on their way down the road. Upon a night time arrival to the small town everything seemed completely normal and they could not find any signs of trolls. They decided to seek some information at the local traveler's inn known as the Sleepy Badger where they spoke with a scarred man named Elias who had escaped a Troll attack along with his son. Casuffit, in an endeavour to win the hearts and minds of the villagers so they might remember them decided that she should not only by the man 2 drinks for his hardships but buy a round for the whole bar as well while Highgorn was spread the word that he and his group came to take care of the trolls. While this celebration occured, for the would be heroes, Dac and Inghem left to speak with the town administrator one Katar Joran. They negotiated a 10,000g bounty for their group o in order to rid the village of the troll menace that had already claimed 17 lives and had caused some sever injuries to 5 others. The group stayed at the Sleepy Badger for the night, at no charge thanks to Casuffit's earlier endeavour, waiting for morning before seeking out the trolls. Most of the group was able to move silently in order to take the trolls by surprise and after a fairly short confrontation has incapacitated all of the trolls. Fortunately Casuffit had brought some alchemist's fire and a bear trap & Dac had some torches to burn the trolls and keep them from regenerating and coming back to life, but not before Casuffit and Inghem were severely injured.


andross_games Maleera

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