The Boss (Wo)Man Cometh

After where we last left off, Cassuffit decided to chat with Mr. Bao's lieutenant, learning her name to be Seong Zhue. Posing as a mercenary or bounty hunter looking to cash in on a lucrative opportunity Cassuffit tried to lay on the charm using charm monster to goad more information from Seong, but was unable to affect her using succubus powers. She asked a lot of questions about the bounty and the target and was provided information on those traveling with Dac as well as learning that the bounty was for 10000 Gold Pieces alive and 5000 dead. 

She tried prying for more information from Seong asking whether or not she thought Dac was actually guilty and what would make an 8 year veteran of the original General Bao suddenly want to assassinate him. Seong started getting fairly suspicious of the questions being asked and Cassuffit decided to depart the conversation later on after attempting to sew some seeds of doubt in Seong's conviction that Dac Nam must be brought to justice.

Shortly after their conversation Seong noticed Jayke in the Bleeding Lamb and followed him outside of the bar. Jayke tried to get away but was unable to outmatch her superior speed she caught up to him and was attempting to force him to provide information on Dac Nam's whereabouts.

Noticing the confrontation, Sko decided to intervene. After being told that the confrontation was none of his business he tried to force her to unhand Jayke. She proceeded to knock him unconscious and engaged in combat with Sko. She shortly afterwards Dac Name and Cassuffit entered the extended engagement in which they were finally able to knock Seong out. Cassuffit and Sko picked up Seong and Jayke respectively, after putting Seong in some bonds, in order to get some answers for Dac.


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