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After the defeat of the 3 trolls our heroes, some of which were battered and beaten, returned to the town Doanthan administrator, Katar. Cassufit produced the heads of the 3 trolls freaking out the administrator's assistant, but satisfying the administrator's request to provide evidence of their enemy's demise. Cassufit takes this time to talk up her friends to that administrator building up a pedistle for Highgorn, while attempting some subtle jabs at Dac Nam. Once they received their reward the group moved on back to Anduin after Cassufit put some fealers at in Donatha for the Order of the Crimson Challice. Once again in Anduin Cassufit goes about trying to find information on the Order and while doing so stumbles across a curios figure in the Bleeding Giant. After an awkward introduction she learns his name is Talix, a knight currently looking for some adventure. They took the Dire Wolf posting from the board and Cassufit decided to show this new acquaintance around the city. While walking through one of the parks they ran into a strange magic user named, Jake, who started talking to them. During their conversation they noticed that someone was eavesdropping or at least acting suspiciously curious of Casuffit. Jake decided that it was a sound idea to grease this individual which after doing so Casuffit approached them to see if they were okay. She learned his name was Murdock and after a quick handshake he left her with a secret note which the others did not notice.


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