Sko helps Jayke move with the group after being badly wounded by Seong Zhue in the groups altercation. Dac suggests that she be questioned and that they take her to the catacombs where they have battled with some drow earlier on, while Sko states that they should take her to the guards which is vetoed by the rest of the group.

Once they arrive at the cattacombs they tied her to a scounce on the wall sitting in a chair in order to kick it out from under her if she is not compliant. Before the interogation Cassufit changes herself into an asian with a magical change in garb to disguise herself before waking up Seong with smelling salts.

While awake Cassuffit kept on channeling her abilities as a Succubus to endear Seong to her. Posing as an agent of another secret organization from the same continent that Dac is from she was trying to falsely extract information from her about Dac saying that he has been hunting down and defeating their members. Later stating that their organization killed Dac's previous general to sew the seeds of doubt that Dac was the assassin Seong and her general where looking for. Before they let her go Cassuffit was unable to resist the urge to suck out a small part of Seong's essence having her so enthralled to her supernatural charms.


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